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Friday, November 11, 2005

Asian Beauty:Kirari.K | Bike thief nabbed after victim buys stolen part on Net auction

A man who stole an expensive bicycle and sold the parts on an Internet auction site was apprehended after the victim bought one of the parts and confirmed that it belonged to him, police said.
Arrested was Yuichi Sato, 30, a resident of Sapporo's Kita-ku. He reportedly admitted having stolen the bicycle.
"It was big so I sold it," he was quoted as telling police. "I made about 50,000 yen."
Investigators said Sato stole the bicycle, valued at about 150,000 yen, from a bicycle parking area in Sapporo's Kita-ku at about 10 a.m. on July 1 by cutting the lock.
He later put the bicycle up for sale on the Internet. The owner, a 21-year-old student, noticed the ad and made a successful bid for the handlebars. Judging from the way the tape was wound around them, he confirmed that the handlebars were from his stolen bicycle and contacted police.
There are reportedly only three bicycles of the same make, size and color in Japan.

Asian Beauty:Uno.K | Prostitution ring earned 100 million yen using underage girls

The operators of a Fukuoka-based prostitution ring called "Candy Club" sent 61 teenage girls to customers some 3,000 times over an 18-month period beginning in March last year, raking in sales of about 100 million yen, police investigators have learned.
The club reportedly solicited clients through cell-phone based sites. Some of the girls were as young as 14, and none were older than 17. One of the girls reportedly brought in 3 million yen for the ring over two months.
On Thursday police sent documents to prosecutors accusing a 20-year-old worker at the club of violating child welfare laws, bringing their investigations into the establishment to a close.
Investigators said the worker introduced a 16-year-old girl to a customer at a hotel in Kitakyushu on Nov. 27 last year, making her perform indecent acts with him.
The club was opened in March last year by Shinichi Takahashi, 28, a former sex club worker from Fukuoka's Hakata-ku who has been charged with violating child welfare laws. Takahashi and others in the case allegedly posed as women, writing messages on cell-phone matchmaking sites to solicit customers, and forced girls to engage in prostitution in hotels in Kitakyushu and Fukuoka for between 20,000 yen and 70,000 yen a time.
The suspects reportedly looked for girls to participate in the business through cell phone sites and dispatched 61 girls to customers some 3,000 times between March last year and July this year. Some customers reportedly used the service dozens of times.
When questioned by police, Takahashi said he was able to make money because the business was in high demand. One of the girls reportedly gave up going to high school, saying she was too busy with the prostitution work.

Asian Beauty:Yuka.A | Female university student drowns after jumping into river for movie

A female university student from Tokyo drowned after jumping into a river in a bid to film herself for a movie, police said.
A friend of Yayoi Yoshida alerted paramedics at about 2:35 p.m. on Thursday after Yoshida jumped from a bridge into the Yoshida River in Gujo but failed to return to the surface.
Rescuers searched the river and found Yoshida, 20, at the bottom of the river, about 2.5 meters deep at that point.
Yoshida, a student from Tama Art University, was taken to hospital, but doctors could not revive her and declared her dead shortly after.
Yoshida, who was found some 15 meters from the location she jumped into the river, and her friend were staying in Gunjo to film their movie.
Yoshida carried a 16-millimeter video camera with her when jumping into the river. The friend was recording the sound of the jump.

Asian Beauty:Shiho.A | Erotic bloggers strip porn stars of hard-earned living

In a stark contrast to the '90s when payouts were bigger the closer women got to being starkers, Noughties Japan now pays more to gals who wear clothes, albeit not too many, where once they would have bared their souls and more, according to Shukan Post (11/18).
Haruka Nanami is one of the hottest women in the market in a practice called chakuero, a contraction of the Japanese words for "wear" and "erotic." Chakuero proponents like Nanami strike sexy poses for the camera, but do so without shedding their clothes.
Nanami's first job about three years ago -- a shoot for a DVD -- paid her 100,000 yen. When it sold well, her publisher asked her to make the poses a little more risque and offered to pay more for them.
"My poses were pretty raunchy, so I ended up being paid about 100,000 yen for the first print of the photo book," she tells Shukan Post. "The book sold like wildfire and there was one new edition after another, with my payment being 300,000 yen to 400,000 yen for each new edition. I eventually made about 2.5 million yen out of it."
Producer Motoji Takasu explains how chakuero models have come to dominate Japan's erotic pose market.

Asian Beauty:Hana.S | Thailand expects thousands of guests at tsunami memorials

Thai Deputy Prime Minister Suwat Liptapanlop said Friday the government expects thousands of guests to attend ceremonies planned to commemorate the first anniversary of the Dec. 26 tsunami disaster that hit three Thai provinces. Suwat told a news conference that about 14,000 invitations were sent out last month to Thais and foreigners but so far only 400 people have confirmed their attendance at the ceremonies to be held on six beaches in the tsunami-wracked provinces of Phang-nga, Phuket and Krabi.