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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ryouka | Love-struck thief wears old school uniform to sneak into girl's classroom

A man who disguised himself in his old school uniform to sneak into a classroom and steal the belongings of a schoolgirl he was smitten with has been arrested, police said.
Yasuo Yamamoto, 24, a vocational college student from Kawasaki, was slapped with a charge of theft after he allegedly stole the girl's notebook and keys and another girl's purse containing 2,100 yen in cash.
Yamamoto admits to the allegations.
"I really liked the schoolgirl and I wanted to find out her name and address," he told the police. "I figured that if I wore my school uniform, nobody at the school would suspect anything."
Police said that on the afternoon of Oct. 29, Yamamoto dressed in school uniform and lay in wait for the schoolgirl he had been smitten with since about June. When she left her classroom to attend a club activity, he snuck in and began looking through her belongings, taking out the notebook and keys.
Police said Yamamoto stole another girl's purse and walked out of the classroom only to be confronted by a teacher who asked him what he was doing there.
Yamamoto, whose uniform closely resembled that used at the school, realized he had been caught out and tried to run away, but was tracked down and later handed over to the police.


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