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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Natsuka Shibusawa | Policeman dies after knife attack by unlicensed driver

A policeman died Tuesday evening after being attacked with a knife earlier in the day by an unemployed man who the officer and a colleague were trying to question, Chiba police said.
Takuya Nakamura, from Yachiyo, Chiba Prefecture, was arrested following the vicious attack.
Nakamura, 34, was driving through Narita Airport Tuesday afternoon when officials at a checkpoint routinely asked him to produce his driver's license.
When the airport officials realized he was driving unlicensed, they contacted the police. Nakamura fled the scene in his car at about 2:25 p.m.
Chiba police launched a manhunt for Nakamura and later found him driving in Sakura.
Nakamura reportedly resisted when officers tried to question him.
Nakamura stabbed officer Tadashi Ishizuka, 48, from the Airport Police Station, in the right side of his body with a knife, seriously injuring him. Ishizuka died later in the day.
The other officer, Toshihiro Hayashi, 40, from the Sakura Police Station, escaped with a minor arm injury.


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