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Friday, November 11, 2005

Asian Beauty:Yuka.A | Female university student drowns after jumping into river for movie

A female university student from Tokyo drowned after jumping into a river in a bid to film herself for a movie, police said.
A friend of Yayoi Yoshida alerted paramedics at about 2:35 p.m. on Thursday after Yoshida jumped from a bridge into the Yoshida River in Gujo but failed to return to the surface.
Rescuers searched the river and found Yoshida, 20, at the bottom of the river, about 2.5 meters deep at that point.
Yoshida, a student from Tama Art University, was taken to hospital, but doctors could not revive her and declared her dead shortly after.
Yoshida, who was found some 15 meters from the location she jumped into the river, and her friend were staying in Gunjo to film their movie.
Yoshida carried a 16-millimeter video camera with her when jumping into the river. The friend was recording the sound of the jump.


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