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Friday, November 11, 2005

Asian Beauty:Shiho.A | Erotic bloggers strip porn stars of hard-earned living

In a stark contrast to the '90s when payouts were bigger the closer women got to being starkers, Noughties Japan now pays more to gals who wear clothes, albeit not too many, where once they would have bared their souls and more, according to Shukan Post (11/18).
Haruka Nanami is one of the hottest women in the market in a practice called chakuero, a contraction of the Japanese words for "wear" and "erotic." Chakuero proponents like Nanami strike sexy poses for the camera, but do so without shedding their clothes.
Nanami's first job about three years ago -- a shoot for a DVD -- paid her 100,000 yen. When it sold well, her publisher asked her to make the poses a little more risque and offered to pay more for them.
"My poses were pretty raunchy, so I ended up being paid about 100,000 yen for the first print of the photo book," she tells Shukan Post. "The book sold like wildfire and there was one new edition after another, with my payment being 300,000 yen to 400,000 yen for each new edition. I eventually made about 2.5 million yen out of it."
Producer Motoji Takasu explains how chakuero models have come to dominate Japan's erotic pose market.


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