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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Asian Beauty:Rie.Y | Survey shows Japanese the world's least sexually active

Japanese have the world's least active sex life, making love on average just 45 times a year, a decline over 2004, according to a survey by condom manufacturer Durex showed.
Japanese couples had barely more than one-third of the sex sessions partaken by the Greeks, whose average 138 couplings a year made them the world's most amorous.
The average number of sex sessions across the world was 103 per year.
Japan failed even to match its last place position in the 2004 Durex survey, when the nation's couples notched up an average of 46 sex sessions in 12 months.
Durex conducted the annual survey via an Internet poll, eliciting responses from 310,000 people located in 41 countries.


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