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Monday, November 14, 2005

Asian Beauty:Nana.H | Official busted for forging family registry of Filipino girlfriend

SHIOJIRI, Nagano -- A local government official was arrested on Monday for forging the family registry of his Filipino girlfriend to help her obtain a permit to reside in Japan, police said.
Hideyuki Kuwahara, 44, an official of the Shiojiri Municipal Government, is accused of forging official documents and using them.
Sometime around March 2000, he used a family registry form, the mayor's official seal and a typewriter to forge a family registry falsely showing that he was married to the Filipino woman in her 20s, investigators said.
Moreover, Kuwahara also made a copy of her family registry and submitted it to the Nagano branch of the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau in July 2000 to help her obtain a permit to reside in Japan, prefectural police said.
After receiving a tip from an outsider, municipal government officials questioned Kuwahara, who admitted to the allegations.
"I came up with the idea to help my girlfriend obtain permission to reside in Japan," he was quoted as telling the officials.
The municipal government then reported the incident to a local police station. The woman obtained the permit but subsequently returned home. Her whereabouts are not known.


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