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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Asian Beauty:Marie.J | Train driver faces boot over son's ride

A Tobu Railway Co. driver allowed his 3-year-old son into the driver's cabin on the Noda Line on Nov. 1 and may be fired as a result.
On Thursday, Tobu Railway said it was considering firing the driver.
A company spokesman said, "It's a serious violation of our rules to let an outsider into the driver's cabin, even though it was a family member."
But the railway firm later said it was "considering how to punish him," after receiving a flood of calls from the general public protesting the termination.
According to Tobu Railway, the man was driving a six-car local train, on which his wife, the son, and his 2-year-old daughter were traveling.
At one point, his son started knocking on the driver's cabin door. The driver opened the door when the train stopped at Minamisakurai Station in Saitama Prefecture to tell the boy to stop. But the boy entered the cab, sat down on the floor and started crying.
As the driver wanted to keep to the timetable, he started the train with his son in the cabin and drove the train to the next station, Kawama Staion in Chiba Prefecture, four minutes away, where he handed the boy over to his mother.


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