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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Asian Beauty:Kanako.H | Slain schoolgirl's friends say alleged killer gazed at her home for hours

A schoolboy accused of killing 15-year-old Yua Koyama last week because she had gone cold on him had been seen gazing longingly at her suburban Tokyo apartment for hours some weeks ago, a witness told the police.
The 16-year-old boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, also told investigators that he burst into the Koyama home without prior notice as soon as Yua's mother, Kimiko, left for work on Thursday, the day he is alleged to have killed the fellow student from his high school.
Police have transferred the boy to the Hachioji Branch of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office, where he awaits his fate.
A junior high school classmate of Yua and the boy spotted the alleged perpetrator about one month ago as he lurked outside the entrance to a stairwell leading to the girl's apartment while apparently waiting for somebody, police said.
Yua and her mother lived alone. Yua's 39-year-old mother worked nights and the schoolgirl was left alone in the apartment most evenings.
Police said that on the day of the killing, the boy rode his bicycle over to Yua's apartment and burst into the home some time after 5:30 p.m.
"I just walked in without ringing the doorbell. I found a knife in the kitchen and used it on Yua, who had been in the living room," police quoted the boy as saying.
Police said they believe the boy had been monitoring Yua's lifestyle patterns for a considerable period leading up to the killing. However, the issue of premeditation remains clouded considering that he was unarmed when he entered the apartment, with police saying that they will continue looking into the case to determine the precise degree of planning that had been involved.
Police said they have checked the mobile phone records of both the boy and Yua. They found no trace of any calls between the two, nor had either registered the other's phone number in the memory function of their phone. A key stolen from Yua's bag two days before her death was not found at the boy's home.
Meanwhile, associates of the boy are almost unanimous in their description of him as being "a quiet type," though it was noted that his demeanor had changed considerably recently.
The boy lives together with his mother and two siblings. He played baseball for the local baseball team while attending junior high school. He was not a regular on the team, but was known for practicing with great intensity. His coach said that whenever he got a hit during games, he would be delighted and clench his fist in triumph. His parents had been great supporters, but when his father fell ill, the boy's attendance at training became erratic. When the father died while the boy was in his second year of junior high school, the boy dropped out of the team.
A classmate says the boy was an easy target.
"He was the type you'd like to whack around the head or give a bit of stick," the classmate said.
The classmate added that about two years ago, the boy and Yua appeared to be close enough that others thought they were dating. However, in July this year, the boy rode around in circles for about 10 minutes as Yua and a friend talked, which appeared to irk the girl.
Earlier this month, several people spotted the boy as he rode his bicycle and screamed at the top of his voice.
"I thought he was a bit weird," a junior high school boy who saw the incident said.


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