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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Asian Beauty:Aya.K | Man nailed for puncturing hotel guests' tires

A man who scattered thousands of nails and bolts in front of a hotel because he thought its employees were spying on his wife's rival business, has been arrested, police said.
Tires on several cars were punctured by the nails allegedly hurled onto the roadside in front of the hotel by Noboru Yamada, who has been arrested for obstruction of a business.Yamada, 66, of Ito, admits to the allegations.
Police said that on 108 separate occasions from May last year to Nov. 9, Yamada scattered old nails, bolts and other discarded building materials in front of the entrance to a hotel in Ito.
Yamada's wife operates a rival hotel and the suspect believed that employees of the lodgings he is alleged to have targeted were peeping into the rooms of the wife's hotel, so spreading the nails was purportedly his form of revenge.
Police said they found Yamada near the hotel and he admitted to scattering the materials when they questioned him.


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