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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Asian Beauty:Natsuko.S | 2 men get life, 2 youths get lengthy terms over brutal killing of high school girl

Two men accused of murdering and robbing a 17-year-old high school girl were handed life imprisonment sentences in the Chiba District Court on Wednesday, while two 17-year-olds involved in the crime were ordered to spend 13 and 14 years behind bars.
The four, including Yoshihito Saito, 21, a resident of Mobara, Chiba Prefecture, and a 22-year-old unemployed man of no fixed address, were sentenced over the killing of second-year high school student Kaori Takanaka.
In handing down the sentences, the court described the actions of the four as cruel and cold-hearted.
"They ignored the personality and the dignity of the victim. It was a selfish, cruel and cold-hearted crime in which they killed the victim," the presiding judge said in handing down the ruling.
The four were convicted of stealing a bag from Takanaka and a classmate near JR Mobara Station in the predawn hours of Dec. 22 last year, then abducting Takanaka in a vehicle and dragged her to a disused building in Togane where they strangled her with an electric cord and dumped her body in a freezer.
While the four admitted to the allegations against them, their lawyers said that the murders and the robberies did not occur consecutively and argued that the four should face separate charges of murder and robbery, instead of the more serious single charge of robbery and murder.
However, the presiding judge rejected the argument, saying that a close relationship between the killing and the robbery could be accepted.
"One of the youths knew Takanaka and fearing that their robbery would be exposed the four killed her to silence her," the judge said.
Another 19-year-old youth who was also indicted over the crime was found dead in prison on Oct. 14, after he committed suicide, and the Chiba District Court decided to withdraw the charges against him.

Asian Beauty:Aya.K | Man nailed for puncturing hotel guests' tires

A man who scattered thousands of nails and bolts in front of a hotel because he thought its employees were spying on his wife's rival business, has been arrested, police said.
Tires on several cars were punctured by the nails allegedly hurled onto the roadside in front of the hotel by Noboru Yamada, who has been arrested for obstruction of a business.Yamada, 66, of Ito, admits to the allegations.
Police said that on 108 separate occasions from May last year to Nov. 9, Yamada scattered old nails, bolts and other discarded building materials in front of the entrance to a hotel in Ito.
Yamada's wife operates a rival hotel and the suspect believed that employees of the lodgings he is alleged to have targeted were peeping into the rooms of the wife's hotel, so spreading the nails was purportedly his form of revenge.
Police said they found Yamada near the hotel and he admitted to scattering the materials when they questioned him.

Asian Beauty:Riona.Y | Schoolboy's eye pierced by bamboo spear

A junior high school student was seriously injured when a bamboo spear he was throwing with a friend pierced his left eye, police said.
An official of the Amagi Junior High School in Omuta called paramedics at 4:10 p.m. on Tuesday, saying, a bamboo spear is stuck in a student's eye.
Rescuers rushed to the school to find the 14-year-old student collapsed in the back of the gymnasium.
Police said the student and his friend found the bamboo spear, about 310 centimeters long and 2 centimeters in diameter, and began playing with it, throwing it at each other.
At that time most other students had left for home, school officials said.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Asian Beauty:Moe.N | Marines edge Chinese all-stars in Konami Cup

Benny Agbayani doubled in a pair of runs in the bottom of the fifth inning Saturday, leading the Chiba Lotte Marines to a 3-1 win over a Chinese select team in the Konami Cup baseball tournament.
Agbayani's double helped Bobby Valentine's Marines erase a 1-0 deficit and improve to a perfect 3-0 in the four-nation tourney.
"It was a well-played game," said Valentine. "I was very impressed with China and our team played very well."
The Chinese all-stars, who dropped to 0-3, are managed by former major league manager Jim Lefebvre. Lefebvre and Valentine both played for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 1960s.
The inaugural Konami Cup features the top professional teams from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan as well as a team of all-stars from China's pro league.
Valentine went with a lineup that included mostly younger players who didn't play in the Japan Series.
"I wanted to give some of our younger players a chance to get some experience in a big game," said Valentine. The Marines will face either Taiwan or South Korea in Sunday's final.

Asian Beauty:Manami.S | Jail demanded for doctor who overlooked boy's fatal chopstick brain injury

A doctor who failed to notice that a chopstick had pierced the brain of a 4-year-old boy brought to him and sent the boy home should be jailed for one year for his death, prosecutors told the Tokyo District Court on Monday.
The 37-year-old doctor, Hideki Nemoto, faces a charge of professional negligence resulting in death. In their concluding statements at the trial, prosecutors said it was clear Nemoto bore responsibility.
"As a result of neglecting an extremely fundamental responsibility, he failed to find out what the real problem with the boy was and sent him home, and it is clear that this led to his death," a representative prosecutor said.
The boy was brought by ambulance to Kyorin University Hospital in Mitaka, western Tokyo, on July 10, 1999, after he fell and a chopstick pierced his throat.
The chopstick entered the boy's brain, but Nemoto, the physician on duty at the time, failed to sufficiently question the boy's mother or conduct a computed tomography scan, neglecting his responsibility as a doctor, prosecutors said. They said the doctor simply applied an antiseptic to the wound, and sent the 4-year-old home. The boy died soon afterward.

Asian Beauty:Nana.H | Official busted for forging family registry of Filipino girlfriend

SHIOJIRI, Nagano -- A local government official was arrested on Monday for forging the family registry of his Filipino girlfriend to help her obtain a permit to reside in Japan, police said.
Hideyuki Kuwahara, 44, an official of the Shiojiri Municipal Government, is accused of forging official documents and using them.
Sometime around March 2000, he used a family registry form, the mayor's official seal and a typewriter to forge a family registry falsely showing that he was married to the Filipino woman in her 20s, investigators said.
Moreover, Kuwahara also made a copy of her family registry and submitted it to the Nagano branch of the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau in July 2000 to help her obtain a permit to reside in Japan, prefectural police said.
After receiving a tip from an outsider, municipal government officials questioned Kuwahara, who admitted to the allegations.
"I came up with the idea to help my girlfriend obtain permission to reside in Japan," he was quoted as telling the officials.
The municipal government then reported the incident to a local police station. The woman obtained the permit but subsequently returned home. Her whereabouts are not known.

Asian Beauty:Miwako.K | Strong earthquake shakes northern Japan, tsunami warning issued

A strong earthquake shook northern Japan early Tuesday prompting tsunami warnings from Japan's Meteorological Agency.
The temblor -- with a preliminary magnitude 7.2 -- hit at 6:39 a.m. (2139 GMT) and was centered off the east coast of Japan's main island of Honshu, the U.S. Geological Survey said. Japan's Meteorological Agency measured the magnitude at 6.9, it said. There was no immediate word on the discrepancy.
A tsunami originally forecast to be 50 centimeters high hit the city of Ofunato on the coast of Iwate prefecture, with 30 centimeter waves at 7:26 a.m. (2226 GMT), the agency said.
Tsunami waves are often barely noticeable in the ocean but can rise to great heights once they arrive at shore.
The government ordered about 400 households along Iwate's coast to evacuate, public broadcaster NHK reported, but there were no immediate reports of damage.
The agency said further tsunamis as high as 50 centimeters could reach coastlines on Japan's Pacific Coast between 7:10 a.m.(2210GMT) and 7:30 a.m. (2230 GMT) in Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima and Hokkaido.
Japan is one of the world's most earthquake-prone countries because it sits atop four tectonic plates. A powerful 7.2-magnitude earthquake shook northeastern Japan in August, injuring at least 59 people, triggering landslides, damaging buildings and causing widespread power outages.